Land Sale Phase 2

Minting is live! Send ADA to the following address:


1 Pass = 150 ADA

2 Passes = 300 ADA

3 Passes = 450 ADA

Up to 20 passes can be minted in one TX.

With the right tools, you can create your own world by building estates ...

Customize your assets with no boundaries. Whether you want a estate, a building, high tech shop or a simple house - we have the tools!

Our Real Estate Configurator  is planned for launch and will help you design everything the way you want your estates!

Acquire assets such as clothes, skins, gadgets ...

In addition to the dozen of attributes such as clothes, gadgets, hoverboards, skins and weapons that are included for free, you can explore the AdaLand Marketplace and buy additional items and express yourself even better!

Turn your metaverse experience into a business with a range of possibilites to generate revenue and let AdaLand be more than just a game

AdaLand offers the possibility to generate income in various ways. You can launch your own business as a shop, rent out your land to others or use it as advertisement. With more development coming, you can rest assure that there will be dozen ways to generate income and let AdaLand be a bigger part of your metaverse journey!

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Secure your land now

Land Sale 1

Phase 1 - CLOSED

Phase 2 - Minting is live!

  • Price: 150 ADA per land parcel

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Why AdaLand?

$ALA token + marketplace

Build estates, business and generate income

Use your land for advertisement

As an early adopter, you qualify for $ALA token airdrops and many more

Explore a ton of different landscapes, engage in quests and level up your character!

Community shaped decisions which you can be a part of and decide the future of AdaLand!

$ALA token

$ALA token is the utility token that lets you to trade land and in-game assets in AdaLand 

*$ALA tokens will be available for public sale in the near future

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Quests, gadgets, futuristic cars and a ton more fun!

Roam the mainlands with hoverboards, futuristic vehicles and explore the metaverse in ways you have never experienced before! With the massive world of AdaLand, you can jump into many different quests and missions to obtain rewards and in-game assets.

Snowy mountains, Sand Dunes of Ada, Museum of Cardano, Statue of Charles to the Green Forests of Amazonas - AdaLand does not hold back on the endless variation of landscapes you can explore.

In addition to this, you can create your own environment where your friends can participate, explore and compete with. From tall buildings to small shops, the choice is yours!

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About Us

Our developers are experienced in a wide spectrum of different technologies ranging from game development to blockchain and smart contract technology. AdaLand team is fully equipped to bring the most creative solutions to the metaverse space. All 4 founders including the rest of the team are directly involved in the project and are actively in touch with the community.

Ola B.

Co-founder, CTO

Danish entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast with a long record of industry related software development projects. Ola does not compromise on his work and always delivers his promises. He is our cog in the wheel.

Passions: AI, Crypto, MMA and EV cars.


Co-founder, CEO

AdaLand´s CEO, Martin, is well experienced in the tech industry as a project manager with direct exposure to many tech companies. Martins vision for AdaLand reaches beyond that it should serve only as a metaverse, but as a platform for future creators and developers

Passions: Politics, Crypto, Snowboarding, Tech, Decentralization.


Co-founder, COO

With years of experience as a consultant and project manager, AdaLand is in safe hands. Nick is involved in charity organizations and is a big crypto enthusiast.

Passions: Crypto, Philantropist, Tech blogs

Kevin W.

Co-founder, CMO

Kevin builds and invests in web3 companies across Europe & China, helping them market and scale globally. In the past, he worked at top-tier companies in banking, management consulting, venture incubation and as a founder across APAC and Europe.

Passions: Gym, MMA

Meet our experts in finance, security, blockchain and development

Andrew V.


Security researcher with top level experience as an Analyst in US Defence Department, Cyber security and Digital Operation companies.

Passions: Coding

Daniel M.

Crypto/fintech Expert

Former ETH Zurich research assistant with experience in crypto asset management and algorithmic marketing making covering the crypto finance dynamics of AdaLand.

Passions: Lifting, MENSA member, travel, investing

Kevin F. M.

Finance Expert

Former Imperial College of London and J.P. Morgan finance expert helping to elaborate the economics of the overall project and metaverse in particular.

Passions: Gym, Biotech, Investing

Zane Chong W.T

Equity Analyst

Private Equity Analyst with industrial experience in various financial fields with large cap companies. Zane delivers competency at a corporate level that serves as a crucial component for AdaLand Corp.

Passions: Crypto, Skiing, Photography

Our experts in marketing, art and development


Social Media Manager

Tea J.

Marketing Strategist

Maria Lee


Diana M.

Blockchain Expert

Smart Contract Developer

Josh K.

3D Artist and Developer


Platform Developer


3D Artist and Developer


*At AdaLand Corporation, we do not require team members to dox themselves. It is a free choice - and some team members have decided to do so. In addition to the listed team members, AdaLand consults with 3rd party companies and entities that provide both technical and business solutions.

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With our rapid growing community, we invite you to engage with us and join the adventure!

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